Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt? Is It Pain Free?

does laser tattoo removal hurt

Getting a tattoo on the skin is a big decision, as tattoos don’t come off with soap and water.  Still, when things change and sometimes the tattoo that seemed so amazing when it was applied may now just bring back unwanted memories.

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Insecurity about laser tattoo removal effectiveness and the question “does laser tattoo removal hurt?”​ may rise

One of the top questions on most people’s minds when they consider taking off their tattoo is, “does laser tattoo removal hurt?” The answer to that question depends a great deal on the size of the tattoo and the color pigmentation of the tattoo.

The laser’s light will be directed at the tattoo during the procedure, and the pulses will break up the pigment. A removal session is usually only a few minutes in length, so the discomfort doesn’t last long. Usually, more than one session is needed to completely remove a tattoo design, so the larger the tattoo, the more sessions that will be needed.

How Much Does Tattoo Removal Hurt?

The pain associated with tattoo removal is sometimes called “uncomfortable” rather than downright painful. So to answer the question, “How much does tattoo removal hurt?” the answer many give is that it feels like little hot pricks on the skin. Some patients take an aspirin or other pain reliever before undergoing the procedure to alleviate some of the sensation, while those with a large tattoo (and a greater sensitivity to pain) might request a stronger anesthetic.

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The colors in the tattoo have an impact on the removal procedure as well. Black ink is easier to remove via the laser, so those tattoos will come out with fewer treatments. Other colors, like red and green, may require more sessions, and thus a bit more discomfort in the process.

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tattoo removal aftercare avoids pain and infection

Once the laser treatment has finished, the patient will have the area cleaned and treated with a topical antibacterial ointment to help avoid infection. The affected area may feel as if it has been sunburned for a while after the treatment, and in some cases there may be scabbing over the area. The important thing is to monitor the area and keep it from becoming infected. All of this will help to minimize any pain with the tattoo removal process.

Of course, the hope is that most tattoos will remain meaningful forever. In those cases where a tattoo just has to come off, the good news is there is now a workable way of taking off the design without major pain or discomfort.